Chapin® G5502 Hose End Sprayer With Foaming Nozzle

• 32-ounce poly bottle
• Compatible with cleaning agents that contain foaming agents (check chemical manufacturers instructions)
• The adjustable nozzle rotates for horizontal or vertical fan applications
• Anti-clog® filter and ergonomic handle
• Insulated grip
• Brass quick connect

The Chapin® hose end sprayer with a foaming nozzle is designed for both homeowners and professionals. Ideal for a variety of applications where heavier coverage is needed when cleaning. It features a poly bottle, ergonomic handle and a brass quick-connect feature that allows the sprayer to be quickly disconnected for rinsing.


Spray/Flow Rate (LPM): 

1.5-1.9 LPM

Tank Size: 


Tank Mouth Opening:


Operating Pressure:

Based on water pressure

Shipping Weight:


Package Dimensions (mm): 


Item Dimensions (mm):