Chapin® 97650 15.0G/56.8L 12v EZ Tow Peristaltic Tow Behind Sprayer

• Pressure free, airless peristaltic pump action – no battery hookup needed
• Easily attaches to any garden tractor, ATV or UTV
• 56.8L chemical resistant tank with wide mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning
• Flood nozzle rated at 5.7LPM at 2.76bar with 1.7m spray pattern
• Trailer with pneumatic tires has stability over uneven terrain

Unlike battery powered tow behind sprayers, the Chapin® 97650 56.8L EZ Tow Peristaltic Trailer Sprayer is ground driven. The tube compression Peristaltic pump ensures a flow rate proportional to the speed of the tractor or ATV towing it. The principle of the peristaltic pump system is three turning rollers which flatten the flexible hose to force liquid through a nozzle. There is no need to pressurize or pump air into the tank. This unique, battery-free system features a 1.7m horizontal spray pattern nozzle, translucent tank with wide mouth opening, a drain plug for easy filling and cleaning, and pneumatic tires for stability over uneven terrain.


Spray/Flow Rate (LPM):

 5.7 LPM

Tank Size: 


Tank Mouth Opening: 


Operating Pressure:


Spray Stream Max Horizontal:


Shipping Weight: 


Package Dimensions (mm): 


Item Dimensions (mm):