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Product Applications

Chapin sprayers are designed for general purpose use or specific applications. Many satisfied customers find their own way of using Chapin sprayers to meet their needs. Learn more about how Chapin sprayers are used for different applications.
Chapin G362D in use in garden    Chapin Garden Sprayer in garden    Chapin 61900 backpack    Chapin Surespray in garden
Whether you’re spraying to rid your yard of pesky weeds, fertilizer on your prize-winning roses, stopping the beetles from feasting on your leaves, cleaning off your patio furniture in the spring, disinfecting the bathroom tub and tile, or staining your fence, Chapin has the sprayer to fit your needs. Chapin sprayers are used for a range of applications in an around your home: fertilizer application, pest and weed control, cleaning and disinfecting, and spraying paints and stains.
Chapin manufactures compact hose-end sprayers, handheld tank sprayers, and ATV sprayers to cover larger areas. Translucent polyethylene, stainless steel, and Tri-Poxy® tanks handle simple to complex chemicals and adjustable nozzles offer multiple spray patterns. Always check the chemical manufacturer’s safety data sheet to confirm tank and seal compatibility. In-tank filters or filtration systems ensure continuous spraying with less downtime from clogs. Leak-free seals give you confidence you’re not wasting chemicals. Each sprayer is designed to give you the control you need to attack the task at hand.
Popular in the Chapin lineup is the Surespray series of sprayers. These sprayers can be used outdoors and inside your home. The tank holds 7.6 liters and is made of translucent polyethylene with a funnel top. The funnel top helps reduce spills and splashing while filling. The unit has an in-tank filter and a poly wand with adjustable nozzle for spray control.
“This is the best spray machine I ever bought. No issues at all whatsoever in one year.”
For professionals and DIYers, Chapin’s 26021XP ProSeries sprayers is serious spray power for big jobs. While it also has a 7.6 liter translucent polyethylene tank, this tank has a wide mouth opening to make it easier to fill. There’s a cushion-grip shut-off for fatigue-free spraying and a durable poly wand with adjustable brass, poly fan and poly cone nozzles. This gives you greater control and more spray options to tackle the most challenging spraying scenarios.
“Works very well, has held up to daily seasonal use and will be a tool for gardening use for many seasons to come. I especially like that this unit came with several tips, holds a ton of pressure, which means less pumping, and is made of durable materials.”
Chapin 63900 in use    Chapin 97200 in use
Fertilizing, seeding, or applying herbicide to a larger yard or acreage? Tall trees to spray or saving a collection of fruit trees from an infestation? Whether you are managing a golf course, running a farm or being a backyard weekend warrior, Chapin sprayers and spreaders are used for general and industrial fertilizer and seed applications along with pest and weed control.
Backpacks, ATV and trailer sprayers cover large and difficult areas efficiently and effectively. Translucent polyethylene tanks handle a variety of wet and dry chemicals. A 3-stage filtration system is standard in Chapin backpacks for hours of continuous spraying. All backpacks have padded straps attached and a cushioned shut-off for comfort. Adjustable and interchangeable nozzles offer multiple spray patterns to give you complete control while spraying. Always check the chemical manufacturer’s safety data sheet to check tank and seal compatibility.
Chapin’s push spreaders are designed to give you the best coverage of your feed or seed. A rugged poly hopper and powder-coated steel frame ensures years of use. The sliding gate, adjustable gate control dial, and added baffles allow you to have control when the spreader is calibrated to meet your needs. These spreader will perform for you season after season.
The 63900 Pro Series Backpack Sprayer features a 15-liter translucent tank and 3-stage filtration system with a removable, cleanable filter. Additional features include an extra wide opening for easy filling, JetClean self-cleaning pump technology with three-stage filtration, stainless steel wand with three nozzles (fan, cone, adjustable brass), and a swing away handle for left or right hand use. Engineered for the demands of commercial applications yet user friendly for just about anyone to use.
“Makes it easy for large spraying like weeds or bugs. Sprays well and holds pressure for a long time.”
“Great sprayer. Easy to use. Works flawlessly. I was so impressed that I got another one for a gift.”
Chapin’s 97200 EZ Mount ATV Spot Sprayer has a heavy-duty, chemical-resistant translucent tank and a 127 millimeter opening for easy filling. The 12 V diaphragm pump has a flow rate of 3.8 LPM, and operating pressure of 2.76 Bar. The sprayer can be easily attached to an ATV or UTV unit to cover larger outside areas.
“Good sprayer. Use it to spray insecticide on pines. Covers well.”
“Works great. Got it about a month ago and used it twice with no problems. The hose is very long so you don’t have to stay by the tank when spraying.”
Chapin’s 97600 EZ Tow Dripless Trailer Sprayer is similar to the 97200 with the added features of a durable steel frame trailer with pneumatic tires and an adjustable hitch. A 2 meter spray boom is included. The drain plug in the tank was added for easy cleaning, and it comes with a more powerful 12V pump with a flow rate of 8 LPM and operating pressure of 4.83 Bar.
“Excellent. Hand sprayer or boom on the back that covers 2 meters worked fine. The on demand pump is a real advantage because you always have adequate pressure when you need it. Thanks.”



Chapin concrete sprayerconcrete job with chapin tanks
For concrete staining, sealing, cleaning, and treatment, Chapin manufactures industrial and concrete sprayers with input from chemical and construction professionals. Tri-Poxy® steel tanks have triple-layer protection from rust, corrosion, and dents. Polyethylene tanks are also resistant to industrial chemicals. Wide mouth openings lessen splashing when filling and makes the tanks easier to clean after each use. Engineered seals and Gaskets with proven elastomers ensure a high level of chemical compatibility and the unique Tri-Lock mechanism keeps the pump cap tightly locked. These sprayers were engineered with industry in mind, while also being recommended by homeowners for the tough, home improvement and gardening jobs.
Chapin’s 1949 Concrete Sprayer is an icon. It has a Tri-Poxy® steel tank and 101 mm wide mouth opening. It’s equipped with a 1.2 meter reinforced threaded hose, brass pump, nozzle, and shut-off with lock-on feature. This sprayer is used by professionals and homeowners. It’s tough enough to handle form oils and curing compounds on the job site or for spraying compost tea on your garden.
“I have always been a guy who says, ‘use the right tool for the job.’ This is it. I applied a 26% solids concrete sealer to my driveway of paver blocks and it worked flawlessly. I initially tried my plastic garden pressure sprayer and all it did was shoot in a solid stream, no fanning. It didn’t cover evenly so I then tried to roll the sealant on. Rolling worked ok but I wasn’t happy about the little amount of sealer making it into the joints. And I noticed rolling was going to take a VERY long time. I bit the bullet and ordered this Chapin. What a time saver and a much better way to apply my sealer. I love it!”
“Best compost tea sprayer I have ever used. It is a little heavy due to its all metal construction but it is manageable. Very nice fan spray coverage for foliar spraying and it works great with no tip to water hard to reach places. This thing will last a lifetime with proper care.”
The Chapin 19049 Xtreme Concrete Sprayer is a powerhouse with all the features and benefits of the 1949. Extreme seals are included in this sprayer, making it more compatible to the extreme chemicals.
“Wow… what a lifesaver. I used this to apply Sherwin Williams HC Paver Sealer (xylene solvent based) and it did wonderfully through all 20 gallons. With my wife helping to back roll the spray, it took about 2-3 hours to do a 30 meter long driveway (2 car wide), turn around, front porch, and pool deck. Not only did it provide a nice spray pattern (using the 2 LPM tip) it also used about half of the material that I used two years ago rolling it by hand. Paid for itself by saving me more sealer at $8/liter and cleanup was quite easy. As an engineer, thank you Chapin for building a quality product.”
The 22790XP Heavy Duty sprayer has an 11-liter capacity. This poly tank sprayer is lightweight yet durable and compatible with most industrial chemicals. The wide mouth opening makes it easy to fill and chemical resistant seals and gaskets provide maximum protection for sealing and basic concrete applications. The 25 mm brass wand and nozzle incorporates a shut-off with lock-on feature.
“This sprayer is a few dollars more, but 5 times the quality of others. It’s only a few pumps and the pressure is incredible. I spray twice a month here in Scottsdale for scorpions and this product is second to none. I’ve called Chapin customer service twice regarding the solid brass spray tips. On both occasions customer service was unreal and actually enjoyable to speak to. Chapin will have my business forever. They are great!”

Chapin pest control sprayer

Pests come in all shapes and sizes around your home and business: mice, rats, insects, and deer to name a few. Maybe you’re trying to keep the deer away from the heirloom tulips you’ve had blooming year-after-year or the ants are taking over the perimeter of your office building. Whatever you may be dealing with, Chapin manufactures sprayers specifically for pest and insect control. Stainless steel tanks and chemical resistant seals ensure a high level of chemical compatibility. Adjustable nozzles and drip-less shut-off gives you spray control and less mess with volatile chemicals. Metered hose end sprayers are ideal for broad applications like lawns and gardens.

Chapin’s 10700 Pest Control Sprayer is designed specifically for use with commercial and industrial pesticides. The tank is 5.7 liters and stainless steel. It has chemical resistant seals and an adjustable brass nozzle with drip-less shut-off for precise application and control.

“This is an excellent and well-made product. I can see this item lasting me a very long time and I highly recommend it.”

Another solution for pest control is a metered hose end sprayer. Chapin’s G362D Hose End Sprayer accurately and efficiently disperses pesticides to treat lawns and gardens. This sprayer fits any standard garden hose and delivers up to 1,211 liters of soluble pesticides from 0.95 liters of concentrate. The durable brass mixing head offers 16 different mixing ratios and automatically mixes water with concentrate. A built-in anti-siphon device prevents backflow into the main water system.

“Unlike other sprayers that become a bit wonky when high pressure is used, this unit maintains its composure and continues to spray accurately. An added bonus is the trigger lock that allows you to use the unit without any effort.”

“This is the simplest way to spray for bugs or weeds. Pour, adjust and spray. Clean up is fast and easy.”

Chapin cleaning and degreasing sprayer with ATV

Sprayers are a valuable sanitation tool for any homeowner and professional. Consistent coverage of a chemical solution is key to tackling all tasks, cleaning all surfaces, and limiting the spread of bacteria and viruses. Heavy equipment, engines, and HVAC maintenance demands durable and chemical resistant sprayers. Chapin manufactures a line of sprayers built to withstand industrial grade chemicals, cleaners, degreasers, and bleach solutions. These sprayers include an adjustable nozzle so you’ll be able to spray a fine mist to a coarse stream because different chemicals call for different applications.

Chapin’s 22350XP Cleaner/Degreaser is designed for a variety of cleaning and degreasing solutions used on HVAC units, heavy equipment, and engines. Its heavy-duty poly tank has a 7.6 liter capacity and a wide mouth opening that allows easy filling. Chemical resistant seals and gaskets are incorporated to accommodate industrial strength cleaners and degreasers. A pressure relief valve and lock-off feature help prevent accidental chemical discharge and the poly cone adjustable nozzle.

“I’ve only had good experiences with these sprayers. They spray great, up to about 3 to 4 meters. I have a pressure washing business and bought these because of the VITON® seals (I use some pretty caustic chemicals). These have lasted longer than any other sprayer we purchased, most of which were cheaper, but in the long run these are more cost effective because they last a lot longer. I will purchase these again when the need arises.”

“This sprayer is great for many uses. Can stand harsh chemicals and works great.”

Sometimes a smaller sprayer is needed and Chapin’s 1046 Handheld Sprayer is built for the task. This sprayer will accommodate 1.4 liters of solution and handle most industrial chemicals used for cleaning and degreasing. The cone nozzle is adjustable from mist to stream and incorporates a shut-off. The in-tank, anti-clog filter helps keep the nozzle clear.