Chapin Australia

Chapin International has been selling sprayers in Australia for nearly two decades through retail stores as private label equipment, and into commercial and industrial markets as the Chapin brand through A.G. Pulie distributors. Chapin is known for its outstanding line of metal Tri-Poxy® concrete sprayers widely considered the industry standard for concrete construction products, and for our extensive line of manual compression and backpack sprayers used for lawn, landscape and agricultural applications. We are expanding our presence in Australia by making our products more widely available through the e-commerce channel with a website designed to serve the needs of this specific market.

Chapin International was founded in 1884, when American homes were illuminated with kerosene lamps and lanterns. Ralph E. Chapin sold kerosene at the hardware store he ran with his brother-in-law, Frank Harris, in Oakfield, New York. Mr. Chapin observed that many of the cans his customers brought to his store to be filled with kerosene were so poorly made that they leaked. So he began making his own cans and sold them to his customers.

The demand for his product was so great that Mr. Chapin sold his hardware store and set up a manufacturing business in nearby Batavia. The company expanded and began making 55 gallon storage tanks and pumps. Chapin compressed air sprayers and hand sprayers were introduced in 1903.

To be a successful company in any industry for over one hundred years requires more than the production of a high quality product. It takes generations of skilled craftsmen and dedicated employees working together with a great sense of pride in what they produce.
In order to measure up to demanding industrial and professional standards, every sprayer Chapin manufactures must pass strict quality control standards before it leaves the plant. The inherent quality of Chapin products comes from both the pride we put into them and their advanced design and construction.

Chapin is the only manufacturer of metal compressed air sprayers to employ a 12-step computer controlled Tri-Poxy® coating process that inhibits corrosion and rust on all interior seams, welds, crevices, bottoms and walls. Famous for their strength and durability, all Chapin hoses are nylon webbed and tested to withstand high compressed air spraying pressure.

Over the years applications for Chapin sprayers have increased as more people discover the ease and convenience of performing a wide range of tasks with a pressurized sprayer. To meet this demand, Chapin has created sprayers that specialize in specific uses as well as those designed for multiple jobs.
Today, the Chapin range of sprayers includes designs in a variety of materials and configurations for many different uses: metal Tri-Poxy®, stainless steel, polyethylene, manual compression, handheld, ATV, trailer sprayers, backpack, and hose end for use in construction, landscape maintenance, lawn and garden care, and cleaning and degreasing.

In 2014 Chapin introduced a line of spreaders for turf care, and snow and ice management as a complement to sprayers serving the landscape professional and homeowner. Chapin adheres to the same quality standards in manufacturing of spreaders as with sprayers, and has produced an outstanding line of durable, reliable equipment at a competitive price. Our spreaders have quickly gained favor with contractors and residential customers alike and we have rapidly expanded distribution worldwide.

No matter which Chapin sprayer or spreader you choose you can be sure you are getting equipment with great value, versatility, quality, and durability, along with responsive customer service that is second to none. Chapin sprayers and spreaders are used for many applications throughout the world, both with the familiar Chapin logo as well as under private label.

As we move forward into the third century in which we have been in business we pledge to continue our commitment to the impeccable standards of product quality and outstanding customer service for which the Chapin name has long been known and recognized worldwide.